Auditing & Assurance

JYWA SETTLERS are the most reliable Auditing & Assurance partners in UAE. In a challenging and dynamic business environment in the UAE it's essential to have close eyes on your business health. JYWA SETTLERS provides audit and assurance services that ensure transparency, compliance and trust worthiness.

Our comprehensive audit services

We understand that each business is unique, and our auditing services are customized to fulfill your specific requirements. weather you are a small business, a corporation or a non profit organization. Our expert auditors will provide you with valuable recommendations to enhance your financial process.


Our expert team will assess and monitor accounting, audit and bookkeeping procedures for identifying erroneous calculations, frauds and mistakes in financial statements.

When it comes to audit & assurance services in UAE JYWA SETTLERS stand out as the trusted partner you can rely on. Contact us today to discover how we can help you ensure financial transparency , compliance and the trust of your stakeholders.

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External Audit

We will examine your financial statements and records meticulously to ensure that they are according to the international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and laws of the land in the UAE.The professional audit team, expert in international standards of auditing (ISA), has approved to audit in all the Free zones and other jurisdiction companies in UAE. The comprehensive audit report analysed the financial data will aid you in ascertaining the financial health of your firm & cement the credibility of your firm.

External audits are vital for organizational progress as they provide an independent and objective evaluation of an organization’s financial health, compliance, and operational effectiveness. This, in turn, helps build trust with stakeholders, identify areas for improvement, and support the organization’s long-term success.

Financial Audits are mandatory for companies in UAE by Law, specially for those operating in Free Zones as they are required to comply with local & international accounting standards. JYWA SETTLERS is a reliable audit services provider firm in UAE to assess the accuracy and reliability of financial information, internal controls, and compliance with regulations and standards. The frequency of audits in audits may vary depending upon the legal and regulatory requirements specific to each company. Most companies conduct annual audits.

Internal Audit

Focus on your business objectives and goals, we will comply with the internal auditing and submit exclusive guidelines that will enable you to see the actual picture and preclude risks in the move ahead. Besides enhancing productivity and improving the efficiency of the organization. We assure you that our invaluable suggestions will act as guiding lights in your path to success.

JYWA SETTLERS provide an independent evaluation of financial statements, internal controls, and compliance. They help businesses identify areas of improvements , mitigate risks, enhance credibility, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Following area where internal audit helps for organizational progress.

Risk Management Internal audit helps to identify and assess the risks within an organization. By evaluating processes and control.

Compliance Assurance Internal auditors ensure that the organization complies with laws, regulations, and internal policies. This helps prevent legal and regulatory issues that could hinder the progress of the organization.

Operational Efficiency Internal audit reviews operational processes and procedures to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement. By optimizing these processes, the organization can enhance its overall efficiency, reduce costs, and improve productivity, ultimately contributing to progress.

Financial Integrity Internal auditors play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial information. By reviewing financial controls and processes, they help prevent fraud, errors, and financial mismanagement.

Fraud Prevention Internal audit helps detect and prevent fraud by evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls. Timely identification of fraudulent activities can protect the organization's assets and reputation.



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