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Let’s break down the different company setup options in the UAE

Business Formation in UAE

Certainly, let’s break down the different company setup options in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, which includes,  General Free Zone, Mainland, and Offshore Company setups:

General Free Zone Company Setup:

Free zones in the UAE are designated areas where businesses can operate with certain advantages, including tax exemptions and 100% foreign ownership. Here’s how a General Free Zone Company setup works:


Full foreign ownership: Non-UAE nationals can own 100% of the company.

  • Tax benefits: Generally, companies established in free zones enjoy tax exemptions on corporate and personal income taxes.
  • Import and export advantages: Companies can import and export goods without customs duties.
  • Repatriation of profits: Companies can repatriate all profits and capital invested without restrictions.
  • Easy setup: Simplified procedures for company registration and licensing.

Mainland Company Setup:

Mainland companies are established outside the free zones and allow businesses to operate directly within the UAE market. Here’s how a Mainland Company setup works:


  • Wider market access: Mainland companies can do business anywhere in the UAE, including the local market.
  • Flexibility: No limitations on the types of business activities you can engage in.
  • Access to government contracts: Mainland companies can bid for government contracts.
  • No minimum capital requirement: Recent changes have removed the mandatory minimum capital requirement for most business activities.

Offshore Company Setup:

Offshore companies in Dubai, also known as International Business Companies (IBCs), are primarily used for holding assets, investments, and international business activities. Here’s how an Offshore Company setup works:


  • 100% foreign ownership: Offshore companies can be fully owned by non-UAE nationals.
  • Asset protection: Offshore companies are often used for holding assets and investments.
  • Tax benefits: Offshore companies are usually exempt from local UAE taxes.


No physical presence: Offshore companies cannot conduct business within the UAE mainland market.

Restricted activities: Offshore companies are limited to activities defined by the offshore jurisdiction.

In summary, JYWA Settlers provides consultancy services to help Business Formation in UAE choose the most suitable company setup solution in the UAE, specifically in Dubai. This includes considering options like setting up a company in a General Free Zone with tax benefits and import/export advantages, establishing a Mainland company for broader market access with local sponsorship, or forming an Offshore Company for international asset holding and investments. The choice depends on the business’s goals, activities, and market preferences.