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With the incredible advancement in business conditions over the last years, creating a niche for an organization in the competitive field of business has become more difficult than ever before. As the organization faces more and more complex challenges every day, it has become necessary to develop and maintain a systematized framework to discover every opportunity, manage potential risks and enhance work performance for the attainment of clear-cut goals, while ultimately contributing to the betterment and value of the entity.


Drawing on years of experience and a rich source of knowledge base, we provide our clients with unparalleled and exemplary services that have gained the trust of over a thousand business organizations, including some of the most recognized brands in the industrial world. We provide services that are specifically customized to meet the various needs of our clients. Our remarkable technical expertise serves as a platform for providing you with the right plan at the right time through an effective and consistent personal relationship with our clients and strategic management of business needs which promise low costs with minimum risks and enhanced profitability for the flourishing of your entity.JYWA SETTLERS has local expertise nearly everywhere you may be considering a transaction. In addition to our experience in your industry, we also have access to a global network of other professional advisors who can support your deal, including great connections in the banking, legal and technical communities, as well as local and national governments. No matter the size of your transaction, you will receive the quick response and personal attention you cannot find with some of our competitors and will avoid conflicts of interest. You also will receive well documented, easy to understand reports throughout the process. Most importantly, you will work with a senior team of international professionals who really care about your success.


To tackle this, Jywa Settlers Consulting’s expertise lies in three integrated domains of practice that enable business transformation and strategy execution.

  • Strategy:Developing winning strategies and operationalizing them to turn ambitions into reality.
  • Organization Design:Designing fit for purpose operating models that enable the strategy and drive high performance.
  • People & Culture: Embedding the right behaviours and people practices that reinforce the strategy and make the change sustainable.

Distinguishing Jywa Settlers is its thought leadership in each of these three areas, where some of the world’s top management gurus work with them to deliver cutting edge solutions and results to their clients.

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Our Services

Engagements with clients are represented by three key services that Caliber delivers.



Advisory places emphasis on guiding our clients in the right direction and providing the plans, frameworks, and tools needed to execute the right solutions for their business

Financial Solutions


Our implementation projects involve longer term engagements where full time resources are staffed to overlook, support, and implement the proposed solutions designed in our advisory and consulting work.


Capability Building

Jywa Sttlers has one of the foremost training academies globally, that also specializes in the three domains that enable strategy execution and transformation.




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