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Key Considerations for Corporate Tax Registration with JYWA SETTLERS

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In the dynamic business landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), navigating the intricacies of tax registration can be a daunting task for businesses. Value Added Tax (VAT) and corporate tax registration are essential steps for companies looking to establish a presence in the UAE market. At JYWA SETTLERS, we understand the challenges businesses face in this process and are committed to simplifying VAT and corporate tax registration procedures. Beyond registration services, we offer a comprehensive suite of value-added services to support businesses at every stage of their journey in the UAE.

Understanding Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration:

Introduced in the UAE in 2018, VAT is a consumption tax levied on the value added at each stage of the supply chain. With a standard rate of 5%, VAT applies to most goods and services unless specifically exempted or zero-rated. VAT registration is mandatory for businesses meeting certain turnover thresholds, enabling them to charge VAT on their taxable supplies and reclaim VAT paid on their business expenses. JYWA SETTLERS simplifies the VAT registration process, guiding businesses through the necessary steps and ensuring compliance with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) regulations.

Key Considerations for Corporate Tax Registration:

While the UAE does not impose corporate or income taxes at the federal level, certain Emirates, including Dubai, have introduced corporate tax regulations for specific sectors. Corporate tax registration may be required for businesses operating in these sectors, such as banking, oil and gas, and tobacco. Additionally, businesses engaging in activities subject to tax treaties with other jurisdictions may need to register for corporate tax purposes. JYWA SETTLERS provides expert guidance on corporate tax registration requirements, helping businesses understand their obligations and fulfill regulatory obligations efficiently.

Comprehensive Support Beyond Registration:

At JYWA SETTLERS, our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond tax registration services. We recognize that navigating the UAE’s tax landscape involves more than just meeting regulatory requirements; it requires comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of each business. That’s why we offer a range of value-added services to support businesses at every stage of their journey in the UAE.

Tax Advisory Services: Our team of experienced tax professionals provides strategic advice on tax planning, optimization, and compliance. We help businesses identify opportunities to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring full compliance with UAE tax laws and regulations.

Accounting and Bookkeeping: Accurate financial records are essential for compliance and decision-making. JYWA SETTLERS offers comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services to help businesses maintain accurate records, prepare financial statements, and comply with reporting requirements.

VAT Compliance: Managing VAT obligations can be complex, especially for businesses with diverse operations. JYWA SETTLERS provides ongoing support for VAT compliance, including VAT return filing, compliance reviews, and assistance with VAT audits.

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring: As businesses grow and evolve, they may need to restructure their operations for optimal tax efficiency and compliance. JYWA SETTLERS offers expert guidance on corporate structuring and restructuring, helping businesses navigate regulatory requirements and achieve their strategic objectives.


Navigating VAT and corporate tax registration in the UAE is essential for businesses looking to establish a presence in this dynamic market. At JYWA SETTLERS, we simplify the registration process and offer comprehensive support to help businesses comply with regulatory requirements and optimize their tax position. From VAT registration and compliance to corporate tax advisory and structuring, we are committed to supporting businesses at every stage of their journey in the UAE. Partner with JYWA SETTLERS for expert guidance and peace of mind in your tax compliance journey.

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